Manos de Jesus

Manos de Jesus-Hands of Jesus.  That’s the organization that we’re working with Dsc03495 here.

One of the key aspects to the organization is the feeding program.  They feed over 1500 kids a couple times a week, but before the kids eat they get experience kids’ church…it’s a whole lot of fun!  I’m definitely missing my students, so this was a great relief to hang out with kids-really cute kids:) 

We sang several songs, all in Spanish of course.  And we did many, many, many motions.  The kids were cracking up at me because I kept trying to get the motions down.  The words, notsomuch, but the motions connected them with me.  It’s amazing how much kids love you more when you’re willing to make a fool out of yourself.  This is a trait that God is still perfecting in me.  Jesus put himself in a position to look like a fool for the sake of people.  I’m usually okay with putting myself out there; I’m usually okay with laughing at myself.  Take my word for it-you don’t need to test me on this:)

To be the hands of Jesus is to be Jesus incarnate.  It seems like that keeps coming up through many people…how fitting.

2 thoughts on “Manos de Jesus

  1. dad says:

    Kim – I have to differ with you in the context you describe of “making a fool out of yourself”. I like to view this as simply being ‘real’ to them in a way that is understandable to them and within the framework they relate to.
    Laughing at ourselves is often an effective process of letting others see us in the humanity that we really are…..this is something that I am still trying to achive but somehow I find it an elusive trait.
    I love you and I am very proud of you this week. Have a safe trip home and don’t forget to text me when you arrive back in the U.S.


  2. jr says:

    I agree with your dad on the part of letting others see us as we really are- you can probably guess why. 🙂
    “It’s the time of your life, so live it well”
    When are you going to pack your bags and start teaching English as a 2nd language?


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