Reflections From Saturday

Okay, so today was hilarious.  Looking back, I have to laugh at the adventure of it all. 
First of all, you can check out the video post below to see a snipet of what it was like for us to get to the locations to build.  Up and down the mountains we venture, all in the back of pickup trucks.  Yesterday all 6 of us in the truck were fortunate enough to stand, while only about half the people in the other truck were able to stand.  Take a second and think about what it would feel like to sit in the back of a pickup truck for 45 minutes, going up and down mountains, around curves that were kind of like u-turns, and driving on crazy, dirt roads…you only got a snipet of a paved road…I had to hold on with both hands once we hit the dirt roads, due to the bumpiness, so no video footage could be captured at that time. 🙂
Anywho, I went on the other truck today, so I sat the whole way to our site…that was the first part of my adventure.  Going up and down, and airborn several times.  So then we get to our site…well, we couldn’t actually drive to our site.  It was a bit remote…and quite uphill🙂  Have you ever seen movies, or TV shows, where they’ve got some fugitive who goes into hiding in massive forestry mountainous areas?  Well, I kind of felt like I was in one of those places.  We had paths though, so I knew if something happened to me, Jack Bauer would be able to find me by tracking my footprints.  I was so out of breath once I reached the top and the whole rest of the time I kept thinking about the trek back.  Okay, it was only about a half mile-that was the guess from a couple teammates-but that was, by far, the toughest half mile I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. 
It got even more fun when it started raining.  Thankfully it didn’t downpour before we left our site, but the dirt did get a bit muddier for our way back down the hill.  My legs hurt:)  It’s a good hurt-although I have to admit that I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle our 5K a few days after we get back. 
Honestly, I drilled a lot more and hit a lot more nails today.  And I realized that this is definitely not my calling in life:)  I’ve watched a few people who do this construction stuff very well…I am not one of them.  I actually messed up a few times today (imagine that!) and it really messed with my pride…yep, the P word.  It really bothered me that all my measurements were off, and one of the walls was even a little messed up because of me!  Yeah, the teacher who teaches kids how to use rulers…boy will this be a great illustration next year of why accuracy in measurement is important!  My mistakes really had more to do with my lack of understanding in how to use the tool I was using.  It’s a simple tool, but it was old and rusty, and I clearly missed something on how to use it.  I know that I found the 8.5 inch mark each time!  Oh well…grace was shown to me today, and God reminded me of why He brought me here.
See…Last year, as God helped me to process life a little more by cleaning out the rooms of my heart.  Then I got to do that practically, by gutting out houses in Lousiana.  He prompted me to go on this trip because we were going to be building.  He reminded me that He’s doing that in me and that I need to do that practically.  Construction is simply not my forte, nor have I ever had any desire to that…or this kind of missions trip.  But because God’s always right, I wanted to obey him in this venture as well.  It’s kind of tough agreeing to do something that you know, right off the bat, that you aren’t going to be very good at.  It would be like my friend, Katie, playing on a sports team to raise money for missions…it would be way out of her comfort zone, but I’m sure she’d obey if God called her to go;)  I digress.  So here I was today, screwing up (as I’ve also done in God’s building process in my life-it’s called sin) and after I felt stupid, confessed that it was my fault, I sensed in such an amazing way, how big God’s grace is. 
Okay, I could write all night, but I’m really sleepy.  My real, Guatemalan coffee isn’t even keeping up:)  Did I mention it’s 9.37 on Saturday night?  That’s alright.  I wake up at 5…without even trying.  I sit by the fire, drink my coffee, read my Bible, and journal. 
It’s a good time.

3 thoughts on “Reflections From Saturday

  1. Dad says:

    Mom and I are very proud of you and your commitment to helping and ministring to others. Thanks for the text message – when I read it – it “made my day”. Please be careful and take care of yourself. Getting physically hurt in an area which probably does not have the greatest of medical care, is not a good thing. 😦
    Thanks for the update and we will continue to pray for your mission and we know in our hearts that you and the team will have an impact on this family’s lives that will be lasting in many ways. We love you!!!


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