Nosotros Aqui!

I think that’s how you say it!  Dsc03376

Anyway, after a long day of travelling through a couple airports…and long, windy (with a long I) roads, we’re here!  This mission house that we’re staying in, here in Chichicastenango is absolutely beautiful and is quite a haven in the middle of the 2nd most poverty stricken areas of the west.

The missionaries that we’re working with, Steve and Sonia, are quite hostesses, and I’m excited to get to know them some more throughout this week.

The team is pretty tired, although I took several "catnaps" today and actually don’t feel as tired.  Hopefully I sleep well tonight…through the rooster crows next door and the dog with a bass-like growl on the other side:)  I sleep through Jen’s snoring Jen coming in late most nights, so I should be fine.

The long, windy (with a long I) roads had my stomach churning a bit.  We went up mountains, mostly, and the down a couple too, for about 3 1/2 hours.  One thing I learned is that they have construction on Guatemalan mountains that back up traffic for miles, just like we have in Michigan!  It made me feel like I was at home.  The biggest difference would be that you’re surrounded by mountains in Guatemala and there are absolutely no exits to hit a different path…the road we were on, to get where we were going, was pretty much it:)

I’m excited that I’m sitting in a plush house, in a plush office, on a Dell (not mine), able to blog about this.  Please pray for us as we go to build a couple houses, and then go play with and feed some kids!

Dsc03370 Check out this view!

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