12 Hours

In 12 Hours (and a few minutes) my plane will take off from the Detroit MetrGuatemalao Airport and I will be on my
way to Chichicastenango, Guatemala.  I’m quite excited and a little nervous.  I’m going away with mostly people that I don’t really know…and I’m going out of the country.  I haven’t been out of the country since I went to Mexico with my youth group, in ’96.  I really pray that we are open to being used and that God will change us forever, through changing the lives of the people that we’ll minister to.

Building homes for women and kids will definitely have its rewards…and I hope there’s more.  I want to pray prayers that seem so impossible and ridiculous to pray…and actually see God’s hand move.  Let’s pray for that.

I just posted three times this evening…because I’ve been dying to post.  I finally had the chance to sit down and not be quite as stressed about getting everything done.  My life is so blessed-so rich.  May God humble my heart this week.

It’s funny because I finally decided not to take my digital SLR, and settle for using my little digital camera, thanks to a good friend who helped me go for the "below par" pictures over risking the loss of ‘my baby’.   (Thanks, friend:)  Even in this one thing, I’m already feeling humbled! 

I think I already ready for bed!

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