The Project-The Process

Well, it’s official…I just got busier.

I work to give myself "me" time.  It can be hard during some weeks and fairly easy during other weeks.  Right now it’s early on Saturday afternoon and I realize that I’ve accomplished very little so far today.  I’m okay with that though.  Plus, I may take a nap in a little bit (you’d think I was a growing baby).  My list is right here in front of me, and blogging isn’t on it, but I need to put some thoughts down to continue in my day.

However, this past week I agreed to be a part of what we (at Hanley) are calling the Kissman Project.  While it’s difficult to gracefully organize into precise thoughts for this post, I will explain it simply like this; I have an amazing opportunity to be coached (perhaps mentored?) by two incredible people in the education field.  Three teachers at my school were chosen.  God-given opportunities are pretty obvious sometimes…this one’s quite obvious

I need to write this down because I know that I will hit a day when I’m so tired and exhausted from being a part of this project, this learning experience, that I will wonder whether I was really supposed to do it.  I need to be able to go back to this day and know that I am walking in God’s will. 

One main goal that Brian and Susan (my coaches) have emphasized is that we’re going to learn how to teach the process of learning.  If I could dialogue with you about this for a few minutes you would really see how much this was, so completely, made for me!  As I sat in that hot room on Thursday afternoon, and listened to them, I realized that what they want to accomplish through us is what I’ve been trying to figure out how to do with my students all year long!  I thought, "They’re going to help me do what I really want to do!"  It was great to be able to be authentic in sharing a small part of that with them.  It excites me.  After all, God is constantly taking me back to the process.  You’ll learn more through the process, or the journey, than through someone just telling you.  Learning through the process causes you to make what’s learned your own.

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