Prayer Walk

I decided to take my LifeGroup on a prayer walk through a neighborhood in Southfield tonight. 

The biggest thing that I felt the Lord speak to my heart was that I needed to do this in my own neighborhood…every week…at least once a week…and that I should encourage others to do the same.

Pray for transformation and life change.  Pray for bondages to be broken.  Pray for people to do flips for Jesus.  Pray for your own boldness to speak love and truth to others.  Pray against apathy, both for Christians and non-Christians.

Go for a walk around your neighborhood, and pray. 

4 thoughts on “Prayer Walk

  1. I’ve been doing this too in my ‘hood! I love how there are always themes in our friends’ lives. šŸ™‚ We should join up some time.
    I was thinking of doing some Prayer Walk Thursdays during the summer… different locations in Southfield. What do you think? Grey’s Anatomy will be in re-runs anyway…


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