Only Because I’m His Mim:)

When I arrived at my brother’s house last week I heard all about Robert’s hair…yikes!  My nephew refused to get it cut.  For weeks his mom and dad had been telling him that he desperately needed to get it cut!  But nope!  That is, until his Mim came into town.  I told Stephanie (my sister-in-law) that I’d get him to cut it, and guess what…and it’s only because I’m his Mim!  (A few years ago his 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Porter, told me she was so glad to finally meet me.  She said that all the time he talked about "his Mim…his Mim, his Mim, his Mim…all the time!"  That, I will never forget.Img_6246

The reason he wouldn’t smile in this picture is because I was kickin’ his butt at Settlers of Catan:)

And just because I’m a proud aunt…this is Robert and me when I arrived home from my first year of college…my how he’s grown up (my baby:).Misc_001

6 thoughts on “Only Because I’m His Mim:)

  1. When Robert was a baby he would yell, “MMMM!” His “mom”, “mom-mom” and “kim” all sounded alike…then he couldn’t say “kim”, it just came out as “mim”. Now the family typically refers to me as Mim (even their dog, Lady, knows me as “Mim”:)


  2. Lady says:

    Woof Woof –
    Mim, that makes me very happy that I got an honorable mention on your blog……let me lick your face and you can smell my dog-breath


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