Fear of Complacency

That’s pretty cool, but it scares me that I could become complacent,
because I certainly can’t afford to lose all that I’ve struggled
through over complacency.

I just wrote that in an email to someone about something I’m going through.  For a snowy, Sunday afternoon in April, I feel as if that’s the most profound thing I’ll say today.  I’ve had a really hard time coming up with meaningful things to write about these past couple of weeks.  Nothing has flowed well at all.  Confusion, doubt, disorientation…they’re the things that have kept me from sharing, but I think it’s these things that keep me from becoming complacent at the same time.  Wrestling through them keeps me going back to the cross and the "reckless love of God", as Brad preached about this morning.  What else is there to turn to?  He is so consistent.  He helps me to turn from that complacency and continue to develop consistency.  God does not cause confusion, doubt or disorientation, but He knows how to use them effectively…and I think He also utilizes a healthy fear of complacency too.

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