Lifetime Fitness & The Elliptical Machine

I’m a little bit jealous of my brother, Dave’s, workout facility.  When I was there last month I got to go to the fitness wonderland called Lifetime Fitness.  It was so amazing that I didn’t want to leave and I decided that I could’ve truly stayed there all day long to exercise, work out, swim, lounge, pay a little to get a massage…you get the picture.  This place had it all!  Oh, and they had what seemed like a bizillion cardio machines…

…Then I came home to my fitness club-Fitness USA.  Well, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I looked into Lifetime Fitness, and thought about Bally’s too, before making my decision for Fitness USA, but they were just too far away to commit to visiting 3-5 days a week.

It’s a workout facility that I’m glad I have available to me.  It’s helped me lose…a good amount of weight so far and it’s helping me get better at running.  One of my favorite machines is the elliptical machine.  When I go to the gym I start with 25 minutes of jogging, my weight training, and then 20-25 minutes of the elliptical machine.  The past couple of times that I went there I couldn’t get the elliptical machine-it was sooo busy.  So the one time I decided to do the bike and I learned that I only burn about 1/4 of the calories doing that.  Yeah, I won’t be doing that unless I’m desperate.  Then yesterday I did the stair climber and that was great because it burned a lot of calories, but what I decided was that I really loved the elliptical machine.  It burns a whole lot of calories but it relieves your knees of the impact of running.  Combined they’re really helping me build my cardio system.

This afternoon when I went I had to wait a minute to get on one, but at least I made it on one.  It was kind of funny though because this one lady was obnoxiously waiting to get on after the lady next to me.  She was calling her out for staying on past 20 minutes (the limit when it’s busy) and then talked about her bitterly after she left.  Classy entertainment at its best.  I hope I don’t get to the point that I get stressed out by people so much at the gym that it actually decreases the effectiveness of the stress-relievingness (?) of the workout itself. 

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