Time Management Tip #1


Seriously, after feeling extremely unfocused and frustrated with myself (for weeks, now), I decided to do something "drastic" on Monday.  I made some changes for the day and gave God my schedule.  I told Him that I couldn’t figure out how to do everything that I needed to do this week, that I couldn’t fix it on my own and that I needed Him to help me. 

Tonight I sit blown away at how He totally blessed me with time to work on things that I wasn’t going to have the time to work on (in the form of a random "extra substitute teacher" that they accidentally got because she went to wrong school this morning…and they gave me a sub for the day!…really).  It truly blows my mind.  Today that was equivalent to needing $1,509.14 to pay a bill and getting a check in the mail for exactly $1,509.14 the day before that bill was due.

I like God a lot. 🙂

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