What’s in Your Heart?

I took this picture at Ross’ school.Dsc03008

Stephanie is a room mom in his class and goes in to read with him and his reading buddy, Sean, twice a week.  (How great is that?)  Tuesday I got to go with her.

When we got there the kids were just finishing up recess, so I checked out the bulletin boards in the hallway. 

This is Ross’ heart.  My assumption is that the assignment had the students write as many things as they could think of that they love

**To be honest, I was a touch disappointed that I didn’t make it onto the heart.  😦  But the way that Ross jumped onto my lap in front of his class when we sat down to read completely showed me that I was in his real heart.  🙂

But anyway, click on the heart to make it a little bigger and easier to read.  He has all the major important things on there like…

  • Sophie (the girl he likes)
  • God
  • grandparents
  • Christians
  • cartoons
  • pizza
  • Guess Who
  • Coke A Cola 
  • football
  • Sean (his reading partner)
  • soccer
  • my family
  • network (I wonder what he’s thinking of on this one)
  • my books
  • rice
  • my church friends
  • my birthday
  • Superbowl
  • my six pack (he really does love his six pack:)

As an exercise, grab a big piece of construction paper and cut out a big heart.  Fill it with as many things as you can think of that you love.  See what you come up with!  Hey, if you love your six pack, throw it on there!

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