This morning I was reading some Scripture in Exodus, where all the instructions were given for the temple and the ark of the covenant to be built.  To be completely honest, I was sleepy and getting a bit bored.  So I stopped and said, "Okay, God, I need You to show me how to you want to impact and change my life through this."  Then I got back to reading.

Within a minute I realized just how detailed God was about this whole process.  He showed me that the details mattered to Him, just as much as they mattered to me.  God has detailed plans about my life that He is instructing me on, and I believe He’s even instructing those around me on, at perhaps a different level.  He really cares about the details in regards to the building of my heart and my life…I need to trust Him and follow His instructions.

He continues to pursue my heart to trust Him and that blows me away.

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