Got Sleep?

A good friend of mine doesn’t get to sleep as much as she’d like.  This seems to happen…almost all of the time.  This weekend she was super busy.  The girl was so tired yesterday that she didn’t watch 24 last night with me because she went to bed so early!  Now that blew my mind completely, but the second thing she did because of her tiredness was hilarious…and it reminded me of George Costanza in a particular episode of Seinfeld.

She works at an office in Farmington Hills.  Yesterday, at lunch time, this friend found an empty office with a space heater and a desk.  She put the space heater underneath the desk, then crawled up under the desk and slept..for an hour!  She slept so well that she actually snoozed the alarm on her cell phone without realizing it (kind of like what I do every morning;).

It’s rough when you’re that tired. I wonder if I could get away with that at school…maybe I could hit the Library next time I get that tired.:)

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