-1 degrees

When I was going away to college in Minneapolis, people thought I was crazy.  They would say, "Don’t you know how cold it gets there?"  I certainly am not a huge fan of cold weather, but nonetheless lived in Minneapolis for 5 years. 

Then when I moved to Michigan, people still thought I was crazy.  They would say, "Don’t you know how cold it gets there?"  Still not a fan of cold weather,  I figured I made it through in Minnesota, Michigan will be cake!  But I must say…these past couple of weeks have caused my body to be colder than it’s ever been in 10,000 plus days:)

At -1degrees this morning, it was colder here in Metro Detroit than it was in Alaska!  And because of that, I got a phone call at 6.15 am with great news-no school!  It came in perfect timing, too:)

As I sit in my apartment, with the temperature turned up to 85-and the thermostat showing that it’s 75-my fingers and my toes (enclosed in socks and slippers) are pretty cold still…the wind chill is simply too much…it makes me wonder if perhaps we’ll have yet another day off tomorrow!  Here’s to hoping:)

2 thoughts on “-1 degrees

  1. So inspiring…Makes me wish I was a teacher. 😉
    No, seriously, I have been praising God myself for the school closings because I have tonight off from tutoring and had been dreading a very busy and draining week. It’s great to be on the couch with a blanket!!!


  2. Good news! I have off tomorrow too! Even though I will be working on our School Improvement Plan for a good part of tomorrow, I will be happy to do it in my living room:)


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