35,475 Days

On Saturday I will celebrate my 10,000th day, but today I celebrate a woman who lived her 35,475th day, and then passed into eternity

This was Katherine Burton 2 Christmases ago, holding one of her favorite things…chocolate.  I think she may have influenced my like for chocolate;)


She was my last, living grandparent at the age of 97 years old.

There are some people in my life that I could always count on to pray for me.  Grandmom was probably the most consistent throughout my life.  She knew Jesus.  She loved Jesus.  She prayed to Jesus.  She told others about Jesus…What an example.

I’m glad that I got to see her at Christmas time to say, "Goodbye."  She kept talking about "Glory"-
going there, longing to be there with Jesus (and every now and then she would look up at us and ask if were finally in Glory, together:).  We got to pray with her as she just cried out to Jesus.  She really wanted to see Him.  Then she just started praying…for me!  Grandmom was there in pain and she started to pray for me.  Can I tell you the funny thing about it all though?  She prayed for my future husband.  🙂  After many conversations with her about the topic, I think she may have thought about it more than I did. 

She valued love and relationships, and right now-if it works this way-she’s with my grandpop, whom I never met, and whom she longed to be with once again.  I loved her so much.  She cared so deeply for me, and I will miss her.  The best thing is that I will see her again someday:)


6 thoughts on “35,475 Days

  1. Christy says:

    Sorry to hear about the passing of such a special woman in your life. I’m sure she was very proud of her wonderful, beautiful grandaughter who upholds her legacy of loving Jesus and serving others. Congrats on your 10,000 day Kim!


  2. Susan says:

    Kim, I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother’s passing. It sounds like she was an incredible woman who absolutely left her mark on your life. I’m definitely praying for you! Love and miss you lots!


  3. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to know just a little bit about an amazing woman who left an amazing legacy. I will take the time right now to pray that God will comfort you in your time of need so that you may bring comfort to others. Let me know if I can do anything else.


  4. Stephanie says:

    It was such a tender moment when Grandmom started praying for you. I was honored to be in the room to hear it. One thing worthy of also mentioning about that sacred time was the comparison she kept making between you and your mom. I believe that was because you resemble her so much. You are your mothers daughter. I believe you are also your Fathers daughter, our heavenly Fathers daughter. You resemble Him a whole lot too! I love you Kim and know God put Grandmom in our lives to show us how to live a faithful christian walk. You are a blessing to so many as you follow her example. Especially to me, your sister-in-love. Longing for “glory” a little bit more today. I will miss her too.


  5. Dad says:

    Inadvertently, your words about Grandmom in many ways, describe alot about yourself; a woman who lives for God. I would like to add, what you mention about Grandmom’s ferverence in praying, which was her most outstanding character attribute, a few other things which you identified with, were her evangelistic spirt, of course her love for chocolate and her genuine love for animals and birds.
    Kim, Stephanie, Christy, Brad, Susan and Leah – thank you for your warm and kind words which you took the time to write.


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