The Tastes of Philly

Yesterday afternoon I arrived safely at the Philadelphia airport.  I had a couple-hour wait because I was hitchin’ a ride to my parents’ place with my brother and his family, who were flying in from Chicago.  Salivating about the Philly cheesesteaks my mom was going toPizzaslice400 make for dinner, I was still a bit hungry as I was walking to get my baggage.  Then, it was like Heaven opened up…the King of Pizza place was right in front of me, selling fabulous slices of authentic Philly-Italian pizza.   

*Side story…if you’ve never heard, I’m not a big fan of pizza where I live in Metro Detroit.  We’ve got Buddy’s and Amicci’s, which are both decent.  But all the other places-the franchises?  Oh man, nothing compares to real, good, authentic pizza made by an Italian family in Philly.  I tend to just call it "pizza-shop pizza". The crust, the sauce, the seasonings…I even think the cheese is better MMMMM….(Same effect in New York:)

Kimcheesesteak  Anyway, I hadn’t had pizza this good in a year-since the last time I was here!  It was so good I had to resist the temptation not to have another slice, but with God’s grace, I made it through.  I continued to stand strong, but it was definitely a little tougher with the cheesesteaks later on….:)  (Thanks Mom!)

**I’d also like to follow up my enjoyment of Philly food with some inspiration…I jogged 3 times this week!  🙂

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