Let Go

Dewayne_woods Ladies and Gentlemen, I have recently stumbled upon an amazing gospel singer named DeWayne Woods.  You’ve gotta check this guy out!  I referenced him a couple weeks ago when I talked about a song that kept coming across my path, "Let Go."  After searching for awhile, I ended up finding him on myspace.  The song that led me to this guy was that one song though, "Let Go."  It goes something like this:

…as soon as I stop worryin’, worryin’ how the story ends, when I let go and I let God, let God have His way…that’s when things start happenin’…when I stop lookin’ at back when…when I let go and I let God have His way…

Awesome stuff.  I am constantly looking at my story and wondering how this next chapter is going to look.  After all, I’m the type of person who regularly enjoys reading the beginning of a story and then the end of a story, only to go back and read the middle later.  I’m well aware of my final end, once I reach eternity.  I’m as aware as the Bible helps me to be anyway.  But there are always going to be several subplots to the stories of our lives.  The current story…not so sure how it’s going to end and I wonder about it a lot.  This song speaks to my heart about letting go, very well.  I have played it often these last couple of weeks, and it has served as a reminder to pray  šŸ™‚

Be encouraged to do the same.  Let go and let God…it’s a common phrase, but fitting words for any life.

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