Braces and Headgear

On the lighter side of life:Braces20030529

For the sake of my friend, Katie Trapp, I am posting this to try to grab some of the search hits she gets from her lovely post about "braces and headgear"…although to be honest, it doesn’t come up when I do that search.  Also, I’m not sure why this frustrates her so much either.  Anyway, this is just for fun.-mostly for Katie 🙂

2 thoughts on “Braces and Headgear

  1. Well, it took several months for me to become the top site for the braces+headgear search. I think you get rated higher the more hits you get.
    Be patient, and you will see fruit. You too could be getting 23+ hits a day from a random photo you posted of someone you don’t know.


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