Did you know?

Did you know that:

1. a bignonia is a tropical vine named after Louis the 15th’s librarian?

2.  Sarah Hale is the lady who wrote the words for the nursery rhyme "Mary had a Little Lamb"?-Mother Goose, my foot!

3.  P.U.F.F. stands for People United to Fight Frustrations

4. in Tuscumbia, Alabama, it is still illegal for more than eight rabbits to live on the same city block.  (Although I keep trying to figure out how they charge that ninth rabbit…Do they handcuff him and read him his rights?  Haul him off the Tuscumbia jail?  Charge him a $5,000 fine?)

Tonight I played Balderdash and found out that the Philly team of Jamie and I just don’t work well at this game-although I already knew that I stunk at the game and was hoping that Jamie would pull it in for us.  Not so.  Nonetheless I had a blast playing the game, especially when an unnamed pastor’s wife wrote that in Israel it was a crime to circumcise a bear as her ‘fake answer’.  Balderdash is all about writing fake answers, statements, definitions, etc., in hopes that someone will think that yours is correct.  The things I listed above are some funny examples from a card in the game.  I really enjoyed #4.

The other game we played tonight was Taboo.  When the other team was going, someone was trying to describe something and said, "They’re fighting the Israeli’s…"  Katie belted out, "The Jews!"  and then sat back in the couch and said, "Oh wait…" 

Good times.  Good times.

2 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. OK. You told me you were going to blog about my brainless outburst, but I didn’t think you’d actually go through with it.
    I see you forgot to mention that I was the Balderdash CHAMPION. I think you owe it to me to write about that next.
    And, yes, Gwen and Tal were hilarious. I mean, they were in last place, but their answers made us laugh nonetheless.


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