REAL Church

Tonight my friend, Dana, and I went to a REAL Church.  I skipped out on Church of the King for a nightReal_church_logo
(which was hard:) to join Pastor Chilly and Netta’s church in Hamtramck-home of my school.  I had been wanting to check the church out to see how we could partner together to minister to Hamtramck, seeing as how I’m there 40-50 hours a week.  It made sense.

We almost didn’t get to go because Dana forgot about our plans this morning and carpooled with another coworker from West Bloomfield.  But we both really wanted to go tonight so we worked it out.  God definitely played a role in that.

I can’t figure out exactly how God moves our hearts in the right ways, but somehow He does it!  With this, I’m quite impressed.  REAL Church has been going through some transition on Wednesday nights and the main adult thing for us to attend was a parenting small group with single moms and Netta (Pastor Chilly’s wife).  Okay-cool.  Ironically enough, the only two moms that were there were a parent from my class and a parent from Dana’s class.  (Yeah) They’re both single moms who confess Jesus as their Savior, but are currently struggling.  My heart has always gone out to them, and now even more.

God opened up doors for something very special to happen and for walls to be broken down spiritually.  Honestly, I felt right at home with two "new christians" (kinda) in a small group setting.  That’s exactly what I love to be a part of!  It’s funny when God gives us a heart and passion for His dreams and then opens up doors of opportunity to work in ways you wouldn’t normally expect.  It’s funny that those two women hadn’t been to church in a couple of months, but that tonight they came…broken.  It’s funny that Dana and I almost missed an opportunity to connect with them in such a special way tonight, but didn’t.  It’s funny that you’ll send funny e-mail forwards to everyone you know but you won’t send this one….you must not really love Jesus.  (Sorry, I got a little carried away there:)

I’m just glad that God is teaching me to become…more open…more like Him...more teachable...more available… more Heavenly-minded…more in love with WHO HE IS…more REAL…the list goes on!  Oh, it’s just so invigorating!

I’m pumped to see how God is going to use me in this public school to open up doors for the kids’ pastor, Andrea, to just walk right in and get to know kids in Hamtramck!  She may not necessarily have a platform to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to them right there in school, but she will definitely have an opportunity to build relationships with them.  Seriously, how am I supposed to get to sleep tonight?  My heart is beating so fast!


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